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Sirens And Lights For Safety When Police and First Responders Run Red Lights

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The Virginia General Assembly voted 137-1 passed "Ashley’s Law." "Ashley’s Law" is named for teacher Ashley McIntosh, who was killed in 2008 in a crash involving a Fairfax County police officer who drover her car through an intersection against a red light without activating the car’s siren. The mother of a Fairfax County teacher killed in a car crash with a Fairfax County police officer has been instrumental in developing a bill that is expected to be signed into law by Governor McDonnell. The law states that police and fire and rescue vehicles must have their lights and sirens active when they pass through a red light. "This law will make Virginia a safer state to drive in," said Cindy Colasanto, McIntosh’s mother. While law enforcement may have to take great risks when chasing and apprehending dangerous criminals, utilizing the warning lights, sirens and other safety equipment properly should be part of every responder’s training. By using lights and sirens, accidents and fatal crashes will hopefully be avoided or reduced.