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Parents and teen drinking; Fairfax County Police charge adults at McLean Virginia party

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The host parents of a McLean party were charged with "contributing to the delinquency of minors," by the Fairfax Police. Among the high school students attending the house party were freshman and sophomores who were drinking. Members of the Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd. attended a parent safety meeting with a Fairfax County Police Department School Resource Officer in McLean to learn how to safeguard teenagers and stay abreast of developments in the law. As stated by the Fairfax County Police Officer, there is zero tolerance for driving, under the age of 21, with a Blood Alcohol Content ("BAC") of more than 0.02 ! That’s a beer ! It is dangerous, irresponsible and impaired judgment and reaction time coupled with an inexperienced driver can lead to a fatal car crash.

The officer added, that if you are hosting a party, you are responsible. You can be held responsible by the police for both acts AND omissions. In other words, in response to questions by Herndon teen safety lawyer Doug Landau, the officer advised that doing nothing when a parent becomes aware that drugs and/or alcohol are being used by underage youth, can land them in as much trouble as providing a keg ! Aiding and abetting can get parent in trouble, so the officer advised:

  • limit the number of kids attending the party;
  • have more than 2 parents present;
  • do not hesitate to call for help if the party is getting out of control or "party crashers" are bringing in illicit substances or alcoholic beverages.

The officer reminded us of the Charlotesville mother who was sentenced to 27 months in jail (and who faced as much as an 8 year prison sentence) for serving alcohol at her sons’ party to underage guests.