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Do I have insurance if I have been the victim of a “hit and run” accident ?

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You might be familiar with Dudley Do-Right, the dull-witted but well meaning Canadian mountie who “always gets his man”. Do-Right’s slippery nemesis is the vile Snidely Whiplash (and they say television saps your creativity). Through the magic of cartoon plotlines, daring Dudley first saves Snidely’s victims, then catches the criminal and makes him pay. In real life, things aren’t so simple. When you are the victim of a crime, you need the police, doctors, and your insurer to first look after your interests and then bring the responsible party to justice. However, you may find yourself wondering, will they ever be caught? Will they be held accountable?

In a hit and run accident, these questions apply to the runaway driver, but if you have been victimized, your questions are more than sheer curiosity. You may wonder how your expenses will be covered, how likely it is to catch the driver, and whether you will ever be able to pursue legal action against them. According to section § 46.2-894 of Virginia traffic code, all drivers involved in an accident must immediately stop, exchange information with the other driver, and wait to answer questions when the police arrive. However, sometimes a driver will leave you by the side of the road with no information and no idea of what to do next. There are three main reasons for a driver to flee the scene of an accident. They may be unlicensed (in many cases living in the U.S. illegally), intoxicated, or uninsured. Under any of these conditions, there are things a victim should keep in mind during an investigation. These will be addressed in tomorrow’s entry, so stay tuned !