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Crashes caused by deer: safety tips that can save drivers and passengers lives

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In yesterday’s post we discussed the reason for deer on the road, the prevalence of claims for property damage, injury and even death in Virginia caused by these animals. Today, we will share safety tips from the Fairfax County Police.

Driving tips from the Fairfax County Police:

  • Watch for eye shine along roadsides. Immediately begin to slow vehicle if you spot a deer.
  • If deer is standing on the road, reduce speed and flash your headlights. Deer can become mesmerized or blinded by bright steady lights.
  • Never swerve to avoid deer on the road. Swerving can cause loss of control of your vehicle and greatly increase chance of more serious damage or injury.
  • Take foot off brake at time of impact. This action reduces the likelihood of deer crashing through a windshield or windows upon impact.
  • If a deer is injured or killed, immediately report collision to Fairfax County Police Department (non-emergency) at 703-691-2131.

For more information on deer management issues in Fairfax County, contact Victoria Monroe, wildlife biologist, at 703-324-0240. If you or someone you know has been in a car , truck or motorcycle crash, and deer or other animals were involved, e-mail us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., or call 703-796-9555 today.